Pure Magic
魔法。秋天的神話 。10月11-31
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淺嚐魔法:1080/位/2 位起

極度魔法廚師宴: 1500-2000/位 


Staro地址:尖沙咀諾士佛臺1號 9 樓 訂枱

Autumn。 And Chef Margaret Xu decided to take her kitchen witchcraft to Staro  for the new Magic menu designed for the seaason. Wild and organic vegetables from her enchanted forest and wild caught sea creatures takes new form, as the signature Yellow Earth Chicken takes over the Staro terracotta Pizza stone  oven with its wicked crispy  skin bursting with juice.

At Staro, no 1 knutsford terrace 9/F.

Oct 11-31 reservations only

Light taste of magic :1080/head minimum 2pp

Pure magic full chef’s menu:1500-2000

reservations deposit

Enquiries( 852)28660868 whatsapp 97842280

mail  booking@yinyang.hk

Asia’s 50 best 2021 award

YinYang Asia’s 50 Best Award 2021

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