Yin Yang Coastal will be hosting pop up events in different locations, depending on the season.

Our pop up menus feature Yin Yang Coastal’s signature collections , local farm to table vegetables and Chef Margaret’s wild caught local ingredients from saikung.

private events can be arranged at requested locations.

Winter menu samples

(reference guide only- depending on freshest ingredients on the day)


Yellow Earth Chicken

Red Hot roast baby pig *

(only available in the full chef’s menu)


Lobster*  heaven and hell。 flamenco。spa。breakfast  duet(only available in the Pure magic full chef’s menu)

Crab plum drunk。sea water tofu。flamenco。sweet corn。hunan rice tofu 。men love women

Abalone。 whiskey。 caramel soy。chicken drowned

Live Fish Drama sampan fever。rice baked。2 episodes

Sea water tofu black magic。roe burst。sea urchin

Live prawns wonton marco polo。chiuchow jelly

Chinese opera terrine of organic eggs。sea urchin or  prawns

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